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Welcome to the OCEAN Online Community!

A brave community stepping out at the intersection of Faith + Entrepreneurship

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The OCEAN online community is a diverse gathering of entrepreneurs, business owners, artists & creatives, church leaders, students, and individuals coming together to find community at the overlap of faith and entrepreneurship. Joining the community is free, and it is the best first step in becoming a part of the greater community of OCEAN Programs. 

Join the community. Engage the conversation. Further the kingdom.

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Take Your Next Step

If you're here, we know it's probably because you have a sense of calling to start a business, launch a dream, or grow something you've already brought to life. Whatever your next step is toward entrepreneurship or business leadership, OCEAN is here to help equip you with biblical values and practical training that gives you a foundation for success!  We offer courses like Genesis Entrepreneurship Training, Church Economics & Entrepreneurship, mentoring opportunities, and community events - all focused on helping you connect to a supportive community and equipping you with the skills you need to succeed. 

So, what's your next step?  You don't have to take it alone. We are here to walk alongside you!

Find Your People

As you join the OCEAN online community, you'll be connected to a gathering of people just like you! Dreamers and leaders experiencing the same broad spectrum of emotions - hopeful, excited, scared, tired, disappointed, encouraged - that comes with entrepreneurship and faith driven leadership. The beauty of this community is that whatever you're dealing with, you're not alone. There are others that have been where you're at and can give you encouragement and call out the potholes ahead. There are others that are earlier in the journey that you are that would love to learn from the knowledge you've gleaned from your experiences. Together, you'll find a gathering of "your people" who uniquely understand you and your experiences and can walk alongside in community.

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